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Hiring a Durham SEO agency is one of the best choices you can make for your business. If you have an online appearance, whether it’s website or social network pages, it’s important to get this asset in front of your audience. Here at Innovation Mind, our company can provide Search Engine Optimization and related services to do just that!

Durham, North Carolina consist of almost a 300,000 population, and it can be extremely difficult for businesses to reach their target audience online. Our agency delivers results and value compared to other companies and individual consultants. We provide the best for our clients and plan on doing so for years to come.

More people are demanding for quality services, and that means more quality businesses. There’s enough to go around, but only ten websites can be listed on the 1st page of Google. Not being on the 1st page will dramatically reduce your chances of being found. This reduction can result in your business in either not getting any online traffic or plateauing.

Is Search Engine Optimization for Everyone?

We understand that SEO is not for every business, but if you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking to get it setup for your website. Businesses that may have a hard time with SEO services are generally startup ones. The reason is that SEO takes time to develop and depending on the power/age/content of a website, the ranking will increase faster or slower. This does not go to say that startup websites do rank, but should be thoroughly audited to see when positive progress will arise.

Who is the Competition?

The competition also plays a vital part in ranking. The less the competition, the higher the chances of your website ranking, but if the competitor’s website is powerful, then you’ll have a harder chance to rank in the top positions. Hiring a top-rated SEO Expert in Durham such as Innovation Mind can get you the results you’re after.

Our SEO Service is Your Solution

If you are in want for more traffic and online appearances, then look no further! It’s very easy to get started as of today. Our company can provide a solution for your online marketing and management. We can start by analyzing your website to see if your business and our SEO service is a good fit for each other.

With our no-cost video analysis, we can figure out if your site is healthy enough to rank so that neither party will waste time or money. We also include the possibility of clients/customers you may be missing online by doing in-depth keyword research. At first, we will need to gather information on which keywords you think fits your business and then we’ll organize those keywords with what we find and design an ideal custom cut plan instead of a cookie cutter type of plan, which most agencies provide.

Our company operates uniquely, and we expect to provide results for our clients. If we cannot help your business in any way, then we will let you know. We value our clients and believe in a longevity relationship. If you have a Durham, North Carolina based business and would like to receive a professional no-cost SEO audit from our agency then simply click on the button below and fill out our discovery form. We’ll see you on the other side!

What We Can Do For Your Business

Increase Exposure

Dominate Google with 1st page rankings to get the exposure and visibility your business deserves. Over 50% of clicks come from the top 3 positions on Google.

Grow Customer Base

People who search on Google have two intentions: to either buy a product/service that can solve their problems or lookup information.

Increase Revenue

Once we rank your website to the top of Google with our SEO services your business will start getting exposure and leads that will result in increasing your ROI.

Why Get SEO for your Business?

In 2022, Backlinko analyzed 4 million Google search results and this is the result they learned about organic click through rate (CTR). Organic CTR is the number of clicks that your website receives divided by the number of times its shown in Google.

What it Means to be #1 in Google

Imagine ranking in the 1st position for a keyword that has 1000 searches per month. On average that is 276 clicks to your website each month and that’s just one keyword.

SEO clickthrough rate for Google top spot

Top 10 Organic Positions Breakdown

The 1st position is the clear winner here pulling in on average a CTR of 27.6% which more than the 2nd and 3rd positions combined.

SEO clickthrough rate rankings

The Power of Three

1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions account for over 50% of organic CTR. Even if you’re unable to grab the 1st position due to high competition there’s still value in 2nd and 3rd position.

SEO CTR top Google positions

Google Ads vs. Organic Ranking

Here is a comparison between Google Ads CTR (Also known now as Google Sponsored Links) to organic positions CTR.

According to a 2022 Wordstream study on Google Ads, an average CTR is between 4%-6% and anything between 7%-9% is considered good. These Ads are shown at the top of Google searches, but people still click less of them.

The top 3 organic positions on Google gets a CTR of over 50%. These organic positions can be achieved with successful SEO.

CTR average for Google Ads

Now you see how powerful these organic positions are and the positive impact it can bring for your business. Ranking in Google can be achieved with our SEO services. Let us take care of bringing you new leads while you focus on your maximizing business.

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