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Orthodontist SEO Expert


Why Hire an Orthodontist SEO Company?

Here at Innovation Mind we understand the marketing of an orthodontic business and how to maximize its SEO value to get new customers online. We’ve been in business for many years and have been providing search engine optimization for multiple businesses. Let us explain how an orthodontist SEO expert can improve your web presence and get you more leads from Google. First we’ll need to start with the basic on what is SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

You may have heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimization before. This is the process of positioning your website in Google for certain keywords. The goal is to position your web presence on the first page of Google and ultimately the first spot. When your customers look for your business they will type something like “orthodontist in city” (whichever city you live in) and browse through the first couple results. If your website is positioned highly on the first page of Google then you have a high chance of getting clicks.

The reason why you want to be on the first page of Google is because most searchers don’t scroll past the first page. A website belonging on the second page or beyond is virtually invisible and extremely hard for searchers to find. We understand there are exceptions if someone wanted to find multiple source of information but about 90% of the time, people will stay on the first page. Seriously, you can find this information everywhere on the internet. Likewise, the higher your position on the first page of Google, the more significant your web presence will be seen and usually resulting in more clicks. Web conversion, however, is another factor that is controlled by the design/attractiveness of a website and the staffing when they handle calls, emails, etc.

Why Orthodontic SEO Service?

Let’s face the simple truth. If you’re not getting SEO service to your website, your competition is; and it’s making their business extremely profitable. Most businesses do not partake SEO services often because they have no need to it due to various reasons (live in a small town, word of mouth gets their business by, etc.), been burned before, or don’t quite grasp the entire process. Here at Innovation Mind, we show you the whole process through a video analysis customized accordingly to your business/website. Depending on your location you may need to compete for more customers. Often bigger cities are more competitive and whoever ranks on top win their customers over those who are not.

But here’s the beauty of it. We can help influence the players in the race. We can put your business, whether you’re struggling with SEO or starting fresh, back into the race with your competitors. We can talk or we can walk and we won’t know the results until something happens.

We’ve all heard or Google Adwords, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. but we believe SEO tops them. One reason is because implementing SEO correctly can bring in free traffic and measured by building a business asset vs. Google Adwords where the expense does not build an asset and once you stop advertising then your sales are gone.

We’ll Take Care of It

Traffic is the lifestream of all businesses. Any business that operate without a traffic source is doomed to fail. Let us help your business to take care of this problem while you take care of your business practice. If you’re still unsure of our business or what we do, you can check out our testimonials page and see a number of people we’ve work with over the years. Also feel free to connect on Linkedin as well. We may not know how to fix teeth but we can sure help you bring more customers who want your help on this.

How to Get Started

First you fill out the discovery page and we will check to see if your business website meets our criteria. Once you pass then we’ll create a comprehensive plan to get your business in the race. These plans will include on page and off page optimization along with keyword research and competition comparison. We’ll ensure your business gets the best keywords and optimization for your reserved city.

To get started, scroll to the bottom and click on the “Get Started Now” button. You will then be directed to our Discovery page. Fill it out and we’ll be in touch. See you on the inside.



Invest your hard earned dollars into your business. We think forward. In this matter we strive to help create an “asset” business, not an “expense” business. Our service is affordable enough to where you can make a couple of sales, breakeven, and profit handsomely.


Search Engine Optimization is a long term process. Often you will see results in a few months depending on various factors. In this case, I believe in building a solid long term relationship with my clients and give longevity to their online business.


Our clients receive access to areas where they can check on their live reports 24/7. We also keep our clients aware of newsworthy updates on that may have effect on their business.


What’s special about my company? We stay on top of our industry because we belong to a couple of mastermind groups. We discuss on ideas or strategies that work best and stay away from those that don’t. Our year round education allow us to help benefit your business from that knowledge firsthand.

Our Services

Whole SEO Process which includes:

Keyword Research

Competition Analysis

Backlink Research

On-page and Off-page Analysis