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Google has come a long way over the last 20 years becoming the most popular search engine with the highest search market share in the world (Google Receives 85% of the search market share according to Statista). Almost every year now we hear something new happening with Google’s Search whether it’s a major update or installment of a new feature to give users a better and faster experience to find what they’re looking for. More users searching on Google also means more opportunity for businesses to reach these users and try to turn them to become potential customers.


How do Users Find Websites and Businesses on Google?

When a user searches for something in Google they will land on the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) which are web pages served to the users when they are searching for something online using a search engine. There are multiple SERP features that a user can click on ranging from Paid Results to Organic Results. However, today we’ll be focusing on just Organic Listing which is the core feature of Google SERP.

google organic search listing results

Organic Search Listing Traffic Click-Through Rate Percentage

Between 40% to 50% of all users or users will click on the organic listing with the top spots grabbing a large portion of those clicks. From all the total clicks, the number one spot receives the most clicks with 37.43% and that’s why its crucial to land in that spot. Coming not even close is the second spot which receive 11.62%, third spot receive 7.53%, and any lower spots diminish clicks greatly.

1st Spot Click-Through Rate (37.43%)

google organic listing 1st spot ctr2nd Spot Click-Through Rate (11.62%)

google organic listing 2nd spot ctr

3rd Spot Click-Through Rate (7.53%)

google organic listing 3rd spot ctr

See more about the click-through rate of Google’s top spots at Advanced Web Ranking.

How to Rank Higher in Google?

Google will rank websites or businesses on how well they answer the searcher’s query, prominence, popularity of the website, and relevance. Other factors that will increase ranking higher in Google are external factors such as social media, citations, and links from other relevant or authoritative websites.

Organic or natural traffic that come from the organic listing are considered free traffic because websites can rank in the listing without paying, however nowadays, businesses are competing to gain an edge in the top spots and are hiring technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies to help them rank higher in Google with a budget. Often times than not, with the right research and goal planning, an SEO campaign can produce a great return on investment due to the fact that many of these leads are inbound or looking to buy a product/service. Innovation Mind is an SEO Agency that provide proven SEO methods to rank higher in Google and offer results that stick. Seeing that organic listing receives the most clicks, it’s no wonder businesses compete aggressively to gain the top spots for their targeted keywords.

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