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In today’s date and time, when every business is competing with another to make it to the top of Google search and elevate website traffic, search snippets play an essential role. Even though search snippets have a major contribution to contemporary marketing, a lot of aspiring businesses still fail to use it fully to their advantage. Worse than that, many still don’t know where to start.

For all those entrepreneurs who are looking for answers on where to begin, we have jotted down a comprehensive guide on what are search snippets and how to get them.

What are Search Snippets?

Before we go on further, let’s define what is a search snippet. To put it in simple terms, a search snippet is a concise summary of a website’s content that emerges in the results of Google search. The generated snippets depend on the term of the search and appear as a part of a result list.

Types Of Search Snippets

To accelerate and simplify the search, Google offers two types of snippets. Rich snippet and Featured snippet. While the core purpose of both the snippets is to summarize and help in informing the users, both of them are completely different in the way of providing information. For entrepreneurs and businesses looking to make a mark online, featured snippets play an important role in bringing traffic and boosting the website.


Rich Snippet

A rich-snippet is also called structured-snippet. The additional text displayed by Google beneath the search result is known as a Rich Snippet. The core purpose of rich-snippet is to provide the users with additional information about the page, the content, and the link it was derived from.

Obtaining Rich Snippets

  • Pick the markup specifications
  • Choose the type of content
  • Identify all the properties required
  • Develop the structured date markup
  • Try out the structured data markup
  • Observe SERPs for the rich snippet


Featured Snippet

Quite noticeable, we all see a block on the top of the page that answers all our questions every time we look up for something on search engines. This makes searching faster and better, as we don’t have to go through a number of websites to get our answer. The best answer according to Google is brought for you on the top of the page, which is called a ‘Featured Snippet’.

Featured snippets are very essential for both the reader and the business’s website. Featured snippets are by far the best way for your content to be displayed immediately. According to the Ahrefs statistics, the impact of a featured snippet is far more dramatic on a website’s traffic. Without a featured snippet, on average, the highest organic result received is 26% CTR. Whereas, with a featured snippet, it comes down to 19.6% CTR.

Obtaining Featured Snippet

Once you get your website on the featured snippet, it is essential to optimize your website. According to Google, there is no guaranteed way of featuring your content. Despite that, there are some ways that can help in cracking the Google programming, which are:

  • Leverage Google suggestion
  • Prioritize voice search


Having search snippets for your targeted keywords does not improve your SEO, but it will help further increase your CTR. Google can give the search snippet spot to any website on the first page, so if you are dominating for the first spot already then its best to hope and keep it that way.

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