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Having a local business whether small or big in your city is great and all, but without proper local marketing it will be hard for customers to find you. Without eyes to your business, you won’t receive any traffic and, therefore, won’t make the ROI intended. Marketing a business while having to provide a practice can be overwhelming and stressful so we want to inform you about local marketing, its effectiveness in this modern time, and what you can decide to do about it. Today we look at two types of local marketing strategies, traditional and online, that you can use to get more customers for your business.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing is basically any marketing that is not online such as phone, direct mail, print, broadcasting, billboards, etc. This route helps reach targeted audience. Some companies even hire sales associates and go out and wrap up new leads – those were the early days. Although this type of traditional marketing is still effective, it does not maximize a local business’s potential.

Online Marketing

The other and newer way is Online Marketing, also known ad Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing. Online marketing method has surpassed traditional marketing greatly. Bigger cities require much more attention and should acquire an online marketing agency to take care of generating new targeted leads. There are many types of online marketing services that can help a business grow. A list of online marketing services ranges from search engine optimization (like what we provide) or Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. Each service has their advantages and disadvantages, so the only way to select really one is to consult with the agency.

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Pros and Cons of Local Traditional Marketing and Online Marketing

pros and cons of local marketing

The truth is that if your business resides in a populated small town, there’s no need to acquire an online agency unless you have many competitions or if the online search volume is high. Traditional marketing will still work fine. Even if there are no searches for your business, you may want to think about hiring an agency that does social media marketing. Just about everyone uses social media. Brand your company and make it look active. This will catch your customers’ attention and perceive to them that your business is active on all platforms.

Traditional marketing is likely to be cheaper but that depends on factors. A bigger city might call for a bigger budget.

Online marketing can target more areas. Yes, you can market in the cities and regions around your main city and attract a bigger crow. You probably won’t have to invest that much as the hard work has already been put in if you’ve started an initial campaign to present yourself to your local city. Getting sales associates to operate in additional areas may cost you a lot more versus getting in the door for these extra cities with online marketing services.

How to Decide

Whatever the case may be and whichever marketing route you choose, both still work very well. We understand that not all businesses have the same goals. One business may want to be known well in their city while another business may want to take on the state. There are different missions and goals. The best choice would be to try traditional marketing and online marketing services to see which one best fits your local business.

Even though we agree both marketing methods work, we choose to provide online marketing to local businesses. We see more potential and growth having an online business presence. To see more about our services, please visit the home page.

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