Google Mobile-Friendly Boost in May 2016


On April 21, 2015, Google launched their “Mobilepocalypse” or “Mobilegeddon update” which hindered the ranking positions of many websites which were not mobile-friendly. Many took the update seriously and took action. However, the remaining that hoped for the best fell short and received ranking losses. For those who did not take action here is another shot to making it right.

what are mobile-friendly sites

Google plans to update their mobile-friendly algorithms “beginning in May” which is supposed to “increase the effect of ranking signal.” Google mentioned that if your website is already mobile-friendly, you have nothing to worry about and that “you will not be impacted by this update.”

The update will roll out gradually meaning you won’t see any dramatic changes on non-mobile-friendly websites. We’re not sure if the rollout will take weeks or even months, so be expectant of slow algorithm changes the beginning of May.

Depending on how fast Google crawls and indexes your pages will result from the outcome of where your pages will reside in the search engine. The update will function by a page-by-page signal, and that is likely the reason of a gradual rollout.

The Mobilegeddeon update in April 2015 supposedly had a significant impact on non-mobile-friendly websites, but this new update will have less impact than the original update. Not everyone claimed to have seen any changes from the previous update.

To check if your website is Google friendly you may want to check the Google Mobile-Friendly Tool. Enter your domain URL and let the tool scan it.

Google mobile-friendly tool

Another tip is to pull out your phone and look for a website in google. You should be able to tell if the site is mobile-friendly or not by the seeing if the term “mobile-friendly” appears in the snippet. If the term does not appear in the snippet then the website is not mobile-friendly.

This new mobile update looks to be official, and whether it rolls out or not, mobile-friendly is already in effect. Down to the core, Google wants websites and their pages to be user-friendly. Not applying to the guideline will hinder your rankings, so it’s probably best to follow up with what Google wants.

There are many methods to upgrading your site to mobile-friendly. Depending on your CMS, you can have it coded or install a simple plugin.

More information on this upcoming mobile update can be found on Search Engine Land | Google to Boost Mobile-Friendly Algorithm this Coming May. Thanks for reading our short article. Please share or like us if you found this reading beneficial. We hope this has helped prepare you for the upcoming rollout this upcoming May.

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